…because motherhood is so much more than diapers & spit-up.


Back To School Bullying

We certainly hope that back to school does not mean back to bullying! Unfortunately being bullied at school is the reality for too many children.  It is something here at MommyMatter we don’t enjoy hearing about, and would do anything we could to prevent it from occurring again. We thought we’d help all of you […]

Getting Organized for Back to School

Can you believe how quick this summer went? I personally blame it on the fact this is my first summer ever working since I had the kids. I have never had an actual job that required me everyday during the summer months. Being a freelancer has generally allowed me to take summers off; but with […]


Black Bottom Cupcakes Recipe

It seems that all MommyMatter does lately is test out new recipes, some good and some REAL bad. Of course everyone around us is very honest when we hit a bad recipe and that item is scratched off the list of remakes. I have always been a huge brownie maker and also a big cupcake […]



Importance of Exercise for Kids

Exercising is something many ignore every single day not aware of the importance of having it in our lives. Sadly, these trends are continuing on into the next generations and having massive effects on the health of today’s children. As parents we are the world to our children, so encouraging exercise is a very important […]

Balancing Time in a Relationship with Kids

Someone once told me the biggest threat to a relationship was time. I assumed they were referring to the fact that the average marriage, in the United States, is only 7-8 years long, and the worldwide average is only about 15 years. Considering in the majority of countries, the average human lives somewhere between the […]

Summer Allergies Still Holding On

For many, the summer is a time for relaxing, outdoor sports, and barbecues. But for people who suffer from seasonal allergies, their symptoms can really get in the way of the fun. Here at MommyMatter, we’ve been dealing with some pesky summer allergies and doing everything we can to put an end to them. Learn […]